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International Commercial Practice Series
The skills you need for the practice you desire

The legal profession has experienced tremendous changes in recent decades. Perhaps more than any other professional field it has felt the effects of globalization, as even common commercial transactions routinely require knowledge of multiple languages and familiarity with foreign legal jurisdictions. Aspiring attorneys can no longer rely solely on expertise in a single legal system.

Georgetown Law CLE’s International Commercial Practice Series is a unique online legal education program, designed for civilian-trained attorneys working in private practice, government agencies, and commercial enterprises. The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare legal professionals for the complex challenges of practicing law in the global legal village of the 21st Century, and the course format has been created to fit into the busy working professional’s schedule.

An outstanding faculty of professors and practitioners with education and experience in the United States, Europe and Latin America presents the material clearly and concisely, focusing on practical knowledge with immediate application to the student’s working environment. Instructors have been specifically selected for this program for the breadth and freshness of their knowledge. Thus, the program will focus on “hands-on” experiences and “real world” application of emerging legal trends.

Legal innovation is increasingly found at the convergence of the Western World’s two great legal traditions, the Common Law and the Civil Law. The rise of “free trade” and the growth of international commerce mean that the institutions, laws, and legal cultures of various countries govern commercial agreements with regularity. Thus, law firms, companies, and government agencies urgently need legal professionals who understand and can “speak” the legal language of both legal traditions.

Georgetown Law CLE offers this program in conjunction with Lex Mercator International Education, a leader in executive education for working professionals.

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